Salt and pepper mills

Whether you're looking for a traditional salt or pepper mill or something more contemporary, we have plenty for you to choose from here at Glanvilles.

Designs by Kuhn Rikon, Robert Welch and T & G Woodware.

Most of our salt and pepper mills use the patented Crush Grind® mechanism which carries with it a lifetime guarantee. They feature a non-corrosive ceramic mechanism which is harder and sharper than steel. They have more than 12 grinding positions so you can chose between a really fine mill, or one course enough for a classic peppered steak.

T &G Woodware mills are easy to fill and are suitable for salt, pepper, whole dried herbs and spices. We also have a specialised nutmeg grinder/mill.

Iconic multi-award winning designs by Robert Welch also feature the Crush Grind® mechanism in their Signature salt and pepper mills and carry a lifetime guarantee. Made from durable ABS plastic and bright stainless steel, they are available in black or white in a range of sizes.

Award-winning Swiss design Epicurean grinders, by Kuhn Rikon, are particularly suitable for use by people who find a twisting action with their wrist difficult. These are ergonomically designed to use a ratchet handle. These also use a high performance ceramic grinding stone and are adjustable for course or fine grinding and come with a 2 year guarantee.

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