We have a great range of linens to compliment your kitchen, whatever style you favour. From an apron to keep you clean and protected while you cook to tea towels for when the meal is over and it’s time to wash-up.

Ranges from top brands: Aga, Belle Textiles UK, Cornishware, Emma Bridgewater, Joules, Leslie Gerry, Masterclass, Rushbrook’s Kitchen Linens, Scion Living, Sterck, The British Textile Company and more.

From tea cosies and cafetière jackets to hob covers and a whole host of oven glove styles – some even feature silicone as part of their design due to its amazing heat-resistant properties. (Belle Textiles UK are actually made in the UK and Sterck is a Fairtrade company.)

Aprons – various styles and fabrics incl. 100% linen and PVC
Children’s aprons
Banana bags
Bouquet garni bags
Bread bags
Cheese cloth
Double oven gloves
Garlic bags
Hob covers
Jam/Jelly straining bags
Knife roll/Wallet
Pot grabs
Pot long-handled grabs
Potato bags
Spice infuser bags
Tea cosies
Tea towels

Some styles have matching re-useable shopping bags, glass surface savers or crockery ranges. (Designs may vary.)

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