Bryher Charlotte Hamm (the baby in the box) got married!

Bryher is known to many of our long-standing customers as “the baby in the box”! The third and fourth generation of the Glanville family’s children have spent the majority of their formative years in their second home – the shop – where they spent many a happy hour amusing themselves alongside their mothers.

Like many children through the generations, up-and-down the country, they nurtured their imaginations by playing with cardboard boxes. These could become anything from a house to a castle; from a car to an aeroplane! And, being a shop, there was certainly no shortage of boxes! Bryher, like her mother Rosie before her, did just that and, finally exhausted after many hours of happy play, fell asleep where she was – in the box. For this reason, she became affectionately known to many of our customers as “the baby in the box”!

Well, on Saturday, she became the new Mrs Pocock. The ceremony was beautiful and intimate and was followed by a rustic, country-themed reception (also like her mum and dad before her) at the Beverley Barns.

A great day was had by everyone and all the family and her friends at Glanvilles wish her and Ben a long and happy life together.